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Ever wondered how chocolates and bonbons are made?
Come to our production atelier where we’d love to show you how the unprocessed cacao beans are slowly converted into delicious chocolates and bonbons.
You will be immersed into the wonderful world of coacao and chocolate and see, smell, touch and taste the process from close by.
As our atelier is only semi mechanized, the process is simple to follow.
We will demonstrate the process right before your eyes (and noses) and let you taste the intermediate and finished products. Start with roasting the cacao beans. Where you can determine what level of roasting you think is best, get to operate the winnowing machine, and witness the grinding and tempering steps.
We will also tell you more about the rich heritage of cacao in our area.
All our beans are sourced from local cocoa bean suppliers who ensure that local cacao growers get fair prices for their product resulting in higher quality and richly flavoured products. Taste it for yourself.



Experience the process of making chocolates
Taste the intermediate and finished products
Learn about the rich cacao heritage of the river Zaan



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