Make friends with the starfish as you snorkel in an area of pristine beauty!   Want to get deeper into Mexico’s magic? This El Cielo Cozumel and Columbia Reef Snorkel Tour from Cancún will get you up close and personal with the ocean world. Snorkel around stunning coral gardens and… Read more »

Breathtaking natural beauty, thrilling adventure and an all-you-can-eat buffet   Dive straight into this tropical island paradise! The Xel-Há Lagoon is packed with aquatic adventure and stunning natural phenomena. Snorkel with exotic fish, tear through the jungle on a mountain bike, make a splash on the waterslides or enjoy some… Read more »

A magical evening of romantic fine dining aboard a Spanish galleon   This evening cruise along the coast of Cancun is all romance, fine dining, and spectacular views. Hop aboard your magnificent Spanish galleon on the Gulf of Mexico you’ll see a soaring sunset or dramatic moonlit waterscape as the… Read more »

Dive into the history of Cancun’s most unique art museum   There are few art installations anywhere in the world quite like the Cancún Underwater Museum. If you fancy an in-depth look of the museum’s history without all the soggy scuba gear, the visitor’s center at Plaza Kukulcán Mall ought… Read more »

Feed bananas to cheeky free-roaming spider-monkeys and hold a baby croc!   If you find regular zoo-going experiences a little too tame, give in to your wild side and visit Cancún’s immersive Croco Cun Zoo. Feed a troop of free-roaming spider-monkeys banana slices, hold a (baby!) crocodile in your hands,… Read more »

Travel 700 years back in time and explore an ancient Mayan fortress   Travel 700 years back in time, and discover the ancient Mayan fortress at the Ruins of Tulum. Just a short distance from the buzzing tourist hub of Cancún, these stunning archaeological treasures offer a fascinating glimpse into… Read more »

Take to land, air, and water in search of adventure at Xavage Park   Ready for some heart-pumping, adrenaline-inducing action just a short distance from Cancun? Yes, you are, the beach isn’t going anywhere! Book This Cancun Excursion Below!

Travel by glass-bottomed boat and snorkel around a unique underwater museum   The best way to see the amazing underwater sculptures of the MUSA Collection in Punta Nizuc is by strapping on your snorkel. But first: travel by glass-bottomed boat and float around the 30 statues located 4m beneath the… Read more »

Dance your legs to jelly and enjoy an open bar in Cancún’s wildest club night   When the concept for an all-night dance party/show is inspired by a movie like The Mask, you know you’re in for a night of mental fun. Unleash your inner party animal with a ticket… Read more »

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Tick an item off the bucket list by swimming with dolphins at Delphinus Xcaret   Did you know that a 260-pound dolphin can munch about 33 pounds of fish a day? Or that they can swim up to 20 miles a day in the wild? At Delphinus Xcaret, get up… Read more »

Swim with dolphins in a little slice of paradise   Dive into the amazing world of dolphins, and immerse yourself in one of the most memorable experiences imaginable. At Delphinus Xel-Há you’ll swim, play, and cuddle with the ocean’s most intelligent mammals. You can also enjoy dozens of other incredible… Read more »

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A one-of-a-kind, magical guided cave tour with walking and swimming   Travel underground with your guide on this enchanting tour through a magical cave of stalactites, stalagmites and crystals. Walk, swim and watch a jaw-dropping light show on the ancient walls of the Salón de la Paz (Room of Peace)…. Read more »

Mainline your need for speed in the lush jungles of Cancún   Scramble up the treetops and hurtle through the lush canopy of the Cancún jungle in Loma Bonita Eco Park. You’ll also blaze a trail along the forest floor in a growling ATV, then cool off with an invigorating… Read more »

Discover a world of pure imagination, with rides, giant illusions and more!   Forget everything you know and enter a world where nothing is as it seems. Xenses is packed with mindblowing experiences – soar through the skies, slide down the Sludgerie, swim in the pristine lagoons and explore a… Read more »

Swim and hike your way through an astounding underground crystal museum   Prepare to experience one of the most spectacular cave systems in the world, as you explore the jaw-dropping Río Secreto. A living ‘crystal museum’, the underground river is adorned with stunning stalactites and glittering mineral formations. Follow your… Read more »

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Travel 800 years back in time, and explore an ancient Mayan fortress   Travel back in time and discover the ancient Mayan fortress at the Ruins of Tulum. Just a short distance from the buzzing tourist hub of Cancún, these stunning archaeological treasures offer a fascinating glimpse into one of… Read more »

A magical swimming and hiking cave tour with buffet lunch   Don’t know your stalactites from your stalagmites? You’ll soon clear that up as you swim among them on this jaw-droppingly unbelievable underground river tour through Río Secreto. Walk, splash and wade through millions of years of history, and tuck… Read more »

Snorkel around amazing permanent life-sized and monumental sculptures   If you think museums are boring, maybe you just haven’t snorkeled through the right one yet? At MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte) you’ll swim around 30 amazing underwater sculptures. See statues, a dinner table, an underwater couch potato and more, all… Read more »

See 30 statues in a gallery located 4m beneath the ocean’s surface!   There’s nothing more magical in Mexico’s oceans than the underwater sculptures of the MUSA Collection in Punta Nizuc. Travel to the site by glass-bottomed boat and float around 30 statues located 4m beneath the ocean’s surface. It’s… Read more »