About The Party Fixx Company

PartyFixx.co is your Official Website for all the hottest urban nightlife parties, events, and concerts in a city near you. We are the biggest website for celebrity hosted parties during weekends like the NFL Pro-Bowl Weekend, NFL Super Bowl Weekend, NBA All Star Weekend, CIAA Weekend, New Orleans Mardi Gras Festival, Miami & Las Vegas Memorial Day Weekend, Essence Music Festival, Cincinnati Music Festival, Caribana/OVO Festival, Fight Weekends, Miami & Las Vegas Labor Day Weekend, and more.

Starting in 2012 our only focus back then was NBA All-Star weekend, but we quickly seen the opportunity to cover all the hottest party weekend; as well as, adding an Urban Weekend Getaway Trips. Today PartyFixx.co makes it very easy to find all the hottest parties and events during these big party weekend because our hard work to bring you current, up to date nightlife information. In 2017 we decided to add ten city party guide that focuses on some of the biggest party cities like Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis, and the Washington DC area.