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Discover the monuments of Washington DC on a day trip from New York City. Learn about the government and dive into key historic moments like the American Revolution and Civil War. See sights like Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and Arlington Cemetery. 
Depart New York City and travel in a spacious and air-conditioned bus to Washington DC. Relax on the scenic drive and head to Capital Hill once your get to DC to find out where congress meets. 
Stop outside the White House for a photo opportunity and hear more from your guide about the inner workings of the building. 
Admire the memorials to Jefferson, who wrote the Declaration of Independence, and Lincoln who ended slavery in 1860. Visit the Iwo Jima and Vietnam Veterans Memorials to understand how these events changed the country.
Visit Arlington Cemetery where over 200,000 soldiers since the Civil War and the Kennedys were buried. Finally, spend some time at the magnificent Union Station.



Take a tour of the capital of the United States
See memorials such as the Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Enjoy some free time at Union Station
Stop outside the White House



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