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Experience the incredible adventure of canyoning in Valle de Bravo, a unique sporting activity in which you will be able to use your senses to the full by immersing yourself in a river with the help of an expert, passing through its numerous obstacles using different techniques such as swimming and walking through the current

To get to the starting point of the activity, enjoy a pleasant walk through the forest upstream

Before the expedition begins, you will have an introductory talk about the correct way to do the activity

Once the safety equipment has been put in place and the instructor has given the precise instructions, we will dive into the river to start the adventure

We will finish the activity in the same wooded area of the waterfall, near the famous village of Avandaro.



Experience an adventure full of adrenaline
Fall in love with the beautiful views of the town’s forests and waterfalls.
Play and interact with the river in a unique way.



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