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Experience this magical tour that consists of a visit to one of the most important natural areas of the state, where you will enjoy a night walk in the forest to a great viewpoint where you can observe the wonderful landscape of Valle de Bravo at night as well as spend a great time by a campfire completely in nature

The activity begins at a meeting point in a designated place, where you will board the vehicle that will transport you to the adventure
Once in the Monte Alto reserve, we will start with a hike of approximately 15 minutes to the highest point of the mountain, where you can have a great view of the town, the lake and its night lights.
At the end of the hike we will go to the camping area, where the guide will light a campfire where you can enjoy different snacks and amenities
Once the bonfire is over we will board our vehicle back to the same area where the tour started, near the town’s central square



Enjoy the best views of the night sky
Go into the forest to a unique experience
Discover one of the most important natural areas of Valle de Bravo



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