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Enjoy a private and authentic cooking class in a Santiago countryside home in Lampa with your host Patricia (Patty), a skilled cook who loves to entertain. This is a perfect experience for anyone looking to connect with local culture over food. Your cooking class will take place in her local home kitchen where Patty will teach you Chilean dishes from family recipes, using fresh garden produce. After cooking, enjoy your meal together. Patty and her husband Enrique live in a gorgeous, sprawling ranch-style home that boasts a variety of fruit and nut trees, from mandarin to walnut. You will be welcomed with open arms and a bottle of Carménere into a house that is both modern and filled with old-world charm. Patty has a reputation at work for hosting the best dinner parties and as soon as anyone at the office finds out that Patty is cooking over the weekend, they try and weasel their way into an invitation in the hopes of tasting her famous pastel de choclo or her husband’s asado!

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