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Tambopata Amazon Reserved Zone 6 Days – Cusco, Peru

Embark on an unforgettable journey with our Program 6D/5N, meticulously curated to offer a profound immersion into the heart of the Amazon.


On this six-day tour, the journey begins with an airport or terminal reception, followed by a scenic boat ride to AMAZON ECO LODGE PARADISE. Guests can enjoy activities such as kayaking and a visit to Monkey Island, where close encounters with monkeys are possible. The evenings include relaxation with drinks and hammocks overlooking the Madre de Dios River, and nighttime caiman spotting excursions.

The second day takes adventurers to the biodiverse Lake Sandoval within the Tambopata National Reserve. Here, visitors can witness a variety of wildlife, enjoy a swim, and go birdwatching in rowboats. An optional night walk, dinner, and lodging round out the day.

Day three introduces guests to a native family, providing an insight into ancient traditions and allowing for the support of local craftsmanship. The afternoon is reserved for rustic fishing experiences in a nearby creek.

The fourth day offers a visit to Taricaya’s various projects including flora and fauna studies, an agroforestry initiative with mahogany and cedar, and a wildlife rescue center. These projects aim to promote local fauna recovery and provide sustainable land-use alternatives.

On day five, the tour features observation platforms like the CANOPY WALKWAY for bird monitoring, a turtle repopulation project to save endangered species, a butterfly farm for sustainable management, and community development programs.

The final day starts early with a trip to a clay lick, ‘collpa,’ where parrots and macaws feed on mineral-rich clay, a vital part of their diet to neutralize fruit toxins. This provides a unique opportunity to observe these colorful birds in their natural habitat at sunrise. The tour concludes with a return to Puerto Maldonado after the last breakfast at the lodge.



Guests get an up-close experience with various monkey species.
The tour offers a rare and enriching opportunity to meet a local family.
The journey to the ‘collpa’ provides a spectacular natural show.



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