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Leave the city at dawn to reach a majestic place and start with a 45-minute walk in complete darkness, walking to a beautiful valley between the volcanoes to witness the sunrise. We will have moments for lunch and a hot drink, and do a meditation to connect with this emblematic place in Mexico.

Afterwards, we will embark on a 1.5-hour walk to a place to rest and enjoy our Voortus-style brunch with contributions from Flor de la Paz and Tradiciones del Comal.

To finish, we will take a 2-hour walk between the springs of the volcanoes and return to our starting point to leave for Mexico City.



Hikes for beginners at an historic place close to Mexico City.
Food experience at the mountain
Watch the sunrise while at the end you are in the middle of two volcanoes
Mid-day camp in the middle of the forest



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