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Immerse yourself in the distinctive blend of Moorish heritage and Catholic art within Seville Cathedral with an engaging self-guided audio tour on your smartphone. Learn about the captivating history of the Cathedral

Start your self-guided tour outside of the cathedral and admire its wonderful architecture. Hear about its previous incarnation as a mosque, before it was transformed into a Christian place of worship during the Reconquista.

Listen to engaging content written by a seasoned historian that focuses on engaging narratives and captivating legends, avoiding tedious lists of dates.

Admire the ornate golden interiors and high ceilings. Visit the burial place of Christopher Columbus and learn about his links to the city of Seville. Learn about the dynamic evolution of Spanish painting over the span of eight centuries.

See artwork by renowned Spanish artists such as Goya and Murillo, and finally ascend the Giralda Bell Tower, which once functioned as a minaret.



Discover Cathedral of Seville on a self-guided smartphone app tour
Learn about the fascinating history of the Cathedral and its interiors
See captivating artwork by renowned painters such as Goya and Murillo
See the burial tomb of Christopher Columbus
Admire the ornate decoration of the cathedral and its exterior facade



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