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Experience a unique outdoor escape game right on your smartphone. Take on the role of a profiler who travels back in time to solve a tricky case. Complex challenges await you in this adventure that will lead you deeper and deeper into the swamp of organized crime.

The puzzles are location independent, so you can look forward to tricky and exciting tasks. But after each level, you’ll learn interesting facts about the environment around you. While solving the puzzles of this thrilling case, you’ll wander past some of Seville’s most fascinating sights.

Grab your smartphones and head to the starting point to get started.

Whether you work together as a team or split into smaller groups and teams, you can expect an exciting walk with breathtaking sights and relaxing breaks. Solve tricky puzzles, combine clues, discover surprising facts about each location, and enjoy the freedom to walk at your own pace.

This game is ideal for escape game enthusiasts and puzzle fans who are looking for a challenging challenge for their group and don’t want to miss out on the city’s interesting locations.



Step into the shoes of a time-traveling profiler to solve a mystery.
Dive into a thrilling mystery crime story set 25 years in the past.
Explore iconic landmarks in the area.
Enjoy a fun sightseeing experience through an engaging escape game.
Solve puzzles and learn interesting facts about Seville along the way.



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