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Seven Beauties Of Shing – Haftkol Tour From Samarkand – Sughd, Tajikistan

Seven Beauties of Tajikistan. In one day you can personally meet these beauties, feel, taste and of course enjoy the beauty of Fann Mountains and make your trip unforgettable.


Departure from Samarkand (hotel/airport/railway station).
Border cross: Uzbekistan – Tajikistan. (meeting by our driver in border)

Total Route: Samarkand – Sarazm – Penjikent – 7 Lakes (only till 6th lake) – Samarkand
Lake Route: Samarkand – Sarazm – Penjikent – Mijgon Lake (1) – Soya Lake (2) – Hushyor Lake (3) – Nofin Lake (4) – Hurdak Lake (5) – Marguzor Lake (6) – Samarkand

– Samarkand: Transfer to the border (checkpoint Dzhartepa) with Tajikistan which is located 40 km from Samarkand.
– Panjikent: After crossing the border, Panjikent is 20 km away, one of the oldest cities and first centers of civilization in Central Asia.
– Muhammad Bashoro mosque: The main mosque of the city which was built by skilled craftsmen with many handmade details The ceiling and columns look especially amazing. The minaret imitates the brickwork of the samanida mausoleum in Bukhara
– Central Bazaar: In front of the mosque there is a Central Bazaar where you can get acquainted with the local social life and do not forget to buy dried apricots, because they are special in Tajikistan

– Mijgon Lake – Eyelashes (1): 1.640 m, depth up to 20 m, and an area 0.05 km2. Color of water depend on the sunshine and the time of year, it can be turquoise, blue, or even purple.

– Soya Lake – Shade (2): 1.701 m, an area 0,1 km2. The lake is located between high rocks, and almost all day its waters are in the shade. For this reason is called as “Shade”. Color so depend on the time of year.

– Hushyor Lake – Watchful (3): 1.771 m, an area 0,23 km2. 400 meters from second lake. There were once venomous snakes here but now only the name remains of it. In clear weather, you can see flocks of fish.

– Nofin Lake – Umbilical cord (4): 1.820 m, an area 0,48 km2. Here is the largest village among the villages of Seven Lakes, which are engaged in cattle breeding and are sometimes completely cut off from the center in winter.

– Hurdak Lake – Baby (5): 1.870 m, and the smallest lake with 0,025 km2 of area.

– Marguzar Lake – (6): The largest and most beautiful lake in the Seven Lakes system. 2.140 m and 2,7 km2. Here, on the shore of Marguzor were found petroglyphs of primitive people. In the Middle Ages, near the lake was a mine of semi-precious stones.

– Lunch with picnic snacks (or back to city and lunch in local restaurant)
– Departure.
– Transfer to border (Tajikistan – Uzbekistan)
Meeting by our driver in Uzbekistan part.
Arrival in Samarkand (hotel/airport/railway station).



Mountain Lakes
Local People
Oriental Bazaar



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