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For lovers of the COLD and NATURE, TRANSPTUR invites you to spend memorable moments alongside those you love, enjoying the warmth of our SERRA CATARINENSE by the fireplace and savoring a good wine!The Serrano Catarinense Plateau formed by altitude fields, forests and large canyons is the coldest region in Brazil and the only place where snowfall is certain.Every year the green landscape of the araucaria fields turns white, even freezing the waters of the waterfalls.It was in the Serra Catarinense, in the fields where the centennial farms are, that rural tourism began in the 1980s, where the visitor gets closer to nature, understanding the country culture and enjoying the warmth and tranquility of this spectacular region.The cold, the pine nuts, the barbecue, the chimarrão and the stories of the tropeiros told at the foot of the ground fire, create a special atmosphere full of human warmth and hospitality.Come and see the SERRA CATARINENSE!

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