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The Syndicate City Escape Game is a self-guided tour that gives you a fun and interactive way to discover the city. All you need is a phone with an internet connection. As soon as you book the game, we will send you all the information you need via email.

You can explore the city and engage with its surroundings as you immerse yourself in this role-playing, story-based game!

To progress, you will encounter challenging puzzles, riddles, and photo tasks that will require you to explore the city. Your primary objective is to apprehend Magnus and recover the stolen formulas, but time is of the essence, so don’t delay and start playing The Syndicate now!

– Difficulty level: intermediate
– Duration: 2 hours
– Tickets: You only have to buy 1 ticket per group (2-5 people). Each group will play with 1 device. For groups of more than 5 people, you can buy 2 or more tickets.
– To book this game you need to indicate a date/time, BUT you can start whenever you like.

HOW TO PLAY: Book the City Escape Game, check the email we send you with the instructions, download the Loquiz App and begin your gaming experience!

Explore the city at your own pace while playing the Syndicate City Escape Game, an unforgettable city escape game adventure that offers a lot of freedom and flexibility. You can play when, where and with who you want.

Whether you want to play alone for personal excitement or with a group of people this is the game for you! Playing with more groups will turn into a competitive experience, perfect as a teambuilding activity. This game is a fun activity you can do while visiting a city. In this game, each member of your group becomes a character with a vital role in the mission. Everyone will play a fundamental part in achieving success.

Our City Escape Game offers the maximum independence, you can start, pause & continue whenever you want.



Play a scavanger hunt filled with brain teasers, puzzles & hilarious phototasks
Complete the mission with your team
Start, pause and continue when you prefer
Do-it-yourself with the instructions we will send you by email after booking



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