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Santiago  offers many  things to do and once  here you will ready  to  enjoy  the city ,besides this the customer will feel like home this  city is the larges city on my country with a lot of contrast ,so  , the chilean   people  is  very kind and helpfull and everythings here is very simple . when the customer are planing to do something is very easy ,different point where to go are really  near each other but  remember  Chile is to long country there are many way to get flight connection to north or  south or easter island so  come to visit my  country  if  you want to be explorer  and  Santiago is right place to start  this adventure .. on the early mornig at 9:00 am from the hotel the people begins on the afternoon at  3:00pm  from the  hotel   the  poeple begins so  two option to  get.

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