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san pedro ceremony and flowering bath with coca reading – Cusco, Peru

Join this guided tour from Cusco to discover the stunning ancient ruins of Inkilltambo. Enjoy a San Pedro ceremony, a ritual by an Andean priest, and cleanse your soul.


The ceremony lasts approximately 5 to 12 hours and is conducted by a Spiritual Guide or Shaman. San Pedro cleanses, heals and opens the heart, fills you with unconditional love. It teaches you to value and love yourself so that you can value and love others. Cleanses and clarifies thoughts and imagination.

starts at 8 am at your hotel in Cusco, where our team will pick you up. You will drive for about 30 minutes outside the city of Cusco near the Temple of the Moon. The shaman will begin with the preparation of the sacred ceremony of San Pedro, explaining the benefits and effects and everything he needs to know about the ceremony. The San Pedro experience begins with the Haywarikuy Ceremony, which is a special Coca Leaf ceremony to ask permission and guidance from the Sacred Mountains and Mother Earth. Later, the shaman will perform a Purification ceremony based on the principle of forgiveness that will allow you to easily access the spiritual ceremony of San Pedro. Then you will take the medicine of San Pedro to start the ceremony and receive what Mother Earth and the entire universe offers you. During this experience, you will enjoy an organic picnic and the shamanic healer will help you understand and interpret your visions. He will make an Offering to Mother Earth (Pachamama) to show gratitude and embrace your connection with nature. After finishing the sacred ceremony around 4:00 p.m. m., you will be taken back to his hotel in Cusco.



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