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Enjoy one of the main archaeological zones in Mexico at your own pace and save time. Teotihuacan is a site you can’t miss. This is a place known as the “City of the Gods,” an important site, that was part of the capital of the Aztec empire and is known today as the site of many of the most architecturally significant Mesoamerican pyramids built in the pre-Columbian Americas. Apart from the pyramids, Teotihuacan is also anthropologically significant for its complex, multi-family residential compounds, the Avenue of the Dead and the small portion of its vibrant murals that have been exceptionally well-preserved. Additionally, Teotihuacan exported fine obsidian tools that garnered high prestige and widespread usage throughout Mesoamerica. Teotihuacan began as a new religious center in the Mexican Highlands around the 1st century AD. This city came to be the largest and most populated center in the Pre-Columbian Americas. You will walk around the ruins and be in awe, as many Mesoamerican ancient travelers must have been when they came from other cities as well. See the famous Sun and Moon Pyramids and take in the incredible views from the top of these.



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