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Sacred Valley Tour 1 Day – Cusco, Peru

Embark on an unforgettable journey with 69 Explorer as we explore the wonders of the Sacred Valley Tour from Cusco, a treasure trove of Incan history and breathtaking landscapes of the Andes


Full DaySacred Valley Tour
Embark on a remarkable journey with the Full Day Sacred Valley Tour from Cusco, where we will uncover the mesmerizing beauty and rich history of the Sacred Valley. Our adventure begins early in the morning, as we depart from Cusco and head towards our first destination, Chinchero.

In Chinchero, renowned for its intricate textile art and fascinating terraces, we will immerse ourselves in the local culture. We’ll witness the expertise of the weavers and learn about their traditional techniques. This visit provides a unique insight into the living heritage of the Andean communities.

Next, we’ll make our way to the intriguing Maras Salt Mines. Here, we’ll explore the patchwork of salt pans that have been in use since Incan times. The sight of these sunlit, shimmering pools against the green of the mountains is a photographer’s dream.

Our journey continues to the archaeological wonder of Moray. We will marvel at the circular terraces believed to have been an agricultural experiment for the Incas. The ingenious design of Moray offers a glimpse into the advanced understanding the Incas had of their environment.

Following Moray, our route leads us to the heart of the Sacred Valley, Urubamba. We will take a pause here for a delightful buffet lunch. You’ll have the chance to savor local Peruvian cuisine, a mix of traditional and contemporary flavors.

Refueled and refreshed, we head to the iconic town of Ollantaytambo. Its massive fortress stands as a formidable reminder of the ancient Incan civilization. We’ll climb the terraces, enjoying spectacular views and learning about the strategic significance of this site.

Our final stop will be at the picturesque town of Pisac. Famous for its colorful market and impressive archaeological site, Pisac offers a perfect blend of culture, history, and natural beauty. We will explore the ruins and stroll through the market, where local artisans sell their handcrafted goods.

Our Sacred Valley Tour concludes as we return to Cusco in the evening, bringing an end to an unforgettable journey through the heart of the Incan empire.

Key Statistics of the Full Day Sacred Valley Tour from Cusco:

Distance Covered: Approximately 95 kilometers (59 miles) round trip.
Highest Altitude: 3,700 meters (12,139 feet) at Chinchero.
Lowest Altitude: 2,792 meters (9,160 feet) at Urubamba.
Level of Difficulty: Moderate, with some walking at high altitude.
Duration: Full day, approximately 10 hours.
This carefully curated itinerary promises a day filled with adventure, culture, and breathtaking scenery. Join us on this journey through time in the Sacred Valley, where history and natural beauty intertwine seamlessly.



Explore Pisac ruins & market, Moray, Salt mines and Ollantaytambo
A treasure trove of Incan history and breathtaking landscapes.
The highlight of our day trip is undoubtedly the visit to Pisac & Ollantaytambo



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