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This excursion is another option for the short route of the Color Mountain Vinicunca through Cusipata, since the walk is 1 hour and 30 minutes uphill. It is located at a height of 5,200 meters above sea level. It is a complete adventure that along the way you can observe the flora and fauna; On this route you can also ride a round trip on horseback.

Mountain of colors in Cuatrimoto, to take this tour we are going to go to the town of Cusipata, district of Pitumarca and province of Canchis. It is located at 3,570 meters above sea level. For this activity you do not need experience, the ATVs are automatic. The guide will give you driving instructions, this adventure will allow us to appreciate the wonderful views of the snow-capped Ausangate (6,385 meters above sea level) and be in contact with nature.

Enjoy this magnificent experience at the Mountain of Colors in Cusco, Peru.


Pick up 4:30 am
Then we headed south along the Pan-American Highway for an hour and a half until we reached the district of Cusipata where we had breakfast and then we continued our tour for another hour and a half passing through Checacupe, Pitumarca, Hanchipacha and then we arrived at Kayrahuiri at approximately 9 :00am where we leave the car and continue our route on ATVs, before doing a practice session for about 20 minutes.
Later we continue our route by ATV towards the same mountain of colors for approximately 30 minutes, driving slowly (no running) up the ascent, and around 10:00 am we arrive at our destination, the mountain of colors, where we will have a time of 40 minutes to reconnoitre the place. Then we go back down on ATVs for 30 more minutes to the car parking lot and then board and go down by car.
Then we will continue our return for an hour and a half to the district of Cusipata to our restaurant around 2:00 pm where we will have our buffet lunch, and then return to Cusco for another hour and a half.
Our last stop will be in the Plaza del Regocijo, in the historic center of Cusco, where we will say goodbye.

??Important we also leave one hour before and one hour after, please check the pick-up time in advance when making the reservation.



Stunning landscapes
Incredible ATV route
Spectacular view of Rainbow Mountain



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