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We will meet at the indicated time in the main square of Trujillo, and from there we will go to the archaeological site of the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon. Next to the remains of these ancient huacas or sanctuaries, we will learn what society was like in the Trujillo Valley during the pre-Columbian Moche period.

We will continue the tour visiting the Huaca del Arco Iris, also known as Huaca del Dragon. In this archaeological site we will explain the beliefs and traditions of another pre-Columbian people: the members of the Chimu culture. We will also stop in front of the stelae and murals found in this site to try to decipher their dragons and other sacred forms carved in adobe.

The next stop will take place in Huanchaco, a picturesque fishing village where we will see its traditional fishing boats, the Caballitos de Totora. In this fishing town we will leave you free time for lunch.

After lunch we will visit the ancient citadel of Chan Chan, built by the ChimĂșes. Today, this great complex, declared a World Heritage Site, is the largest adobe city in the Americas. During the tour of this architectural jewel, we will visit the walls of Nik An, the ceremonial squares, the granaries and the ancient cemeteries.

At the end of the guided tour of Chan Chan we will return to the main square of Trujillo, where we will arrive at 6:00 pm.



To travel through Peru is to discover an endless number of mysterious places.
The Chimu culture was one of the most important in the history of Peru.
Chan Chan stands out for being the largest adobe citadel in America.



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