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Day 1: Pick up and transfer – Cocha caiman
To begin the tour you will be picked up from the airport or hotel in Puerto Maldonado to take a short city tour while you are directed to the port of Capitanía where you will board a boat to navigate the great Madre de Dios River. After 40 minutes of travel we will arrive at the lodge where you will be received with a warm welcome, you can settle into your respective room and enjoy a delicious lunch. In the afternoon your guide will take you to Cocha Caiman, this is a small lagoon where the white caiman and black caiman live, then you will return to the lodge for dinner. Finally, you will take a night walk to listen to the sounds of the jungle at night.

Day 2: Lake Apu Victor – Monkey Island
This day you will be awakened by the magic of the jungle and after enjoying breakfast you will begin the walk to Lake Apu Victor, for which you will pass through high forests and then towards the flooded forests. During the walk you will identify a great variety of flora and fauna such as: fruit trees and medicinal trees; Also animals such as: sachavaca and the huangana, also rodents such as the giant otter, the ronsoco, the armadillo, among others, in addition to various birds such as the guan of the mountain, the golden parakeet, blue, red and yellow macaw, you will find amphibians, insects , tarantulas, crickets, cicadas. Upon reaching Lake Apu Victor and from the viewpoint you will have a beautiful panoramic view of the lake and the diversity of animals.
After lunch, you will board a boat to navigate the Madre de Dios River until you reach Monkey Island. Upon arrival you will see a great variety of monkeys such as: capuchins, squirrel monkeys, tamarins, maquisapa, lions that are showing a spectacle by jumping. through the treetops. You will also witness a beautiful sunset.
Finally you will return to the lodge for dinner and then rest.

Day 3: Farewell – Transfer to the city
For this day you will return to Puerto Maldonado, after breakfast you will be able to pack up and say goodbye to the jungle and its charms.



Discover Tambopata and be dazzled by the variety of flora and fauna that it has.
Visit Monkey Island and the diversity of primates in their natural habitat.
Connect with the nature of the Peruvian Amazon and its magical sunsets.



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