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Puerto Maldonado: 4-day Tambopata National Reserve Tour – Cusco, Peru

Discover the natural wonders of Puerto Maldonado on a 4-day jungle excursion into Tambopata National Reserve, with meals and accommodation included. Gaze at a variety of exotic animals in the wild.


DAY 1: Reception at the airport or at the bus terminal and transfer to the Monte Amazónico office for the corresponding records. In the event that you have large suitcases, we suggest you repack and take only what is necessary.
Transfer by bus to our destination for approximately 2 hours until reaching the banks of the Tambopata River. In this place we will take a boat to the Lodge “Monte amazónico – Tambopata”. Welcome and delivery of rooms, Lunch.
In the afternoon, we will do an introductory walk to the tropical jungle where we will have the opportunity to see animals in their natural habitat such as amphibians, mammals, reptiles and wonderful insects, among others.

DAY 2 We woke up very early, at 4:30 a.m., to leave for the largest macaw clay lick in the world, the COLLPA CHUNCHO, on a trip of approximately 1:30 hours, by boat, on the way we will have the incredible opportunity to see some species such as ronsocos, which are the largest rodents in the world, sachavacas, and you can even see the most beautiful South American feline, the jaguar.
Once we arrive at the macaw colony we will see hundreds of parrots of different species that come to eat clay from the wall adjacent to the river. We will make ourselves comfortable in our chairs to wait for one of the most beautiful natural spectacles of birds in the world to begin. Parrots are followed by the 3 most colorful species of macaws in the Americas, the red and green ones, plus the blue and yellow ones, they come together to eat clay necessary in their daily diet and eliminate toxins. On a good active day you will be able to see hundreds of these wonderful animals flying above you. An experience for a lifetime.
After a good breakfast, our boat will take us to the transport back to Puerto Maldonado and transfer for 1 hour by boat to Monte Amazónico Lodge – Lake Sandoval and installation in their respective rooms.
After lunch, we will visit the “island of the monkeys”, located in front of our Lodge, crossing the Madre de Dios River where we will find different species such as the family of capuchin monkeys that live on the island and return to the Lodge.
At night we will go in search of white caimans that are generally found on sandbanks, in the Madre de Dios River, for which it will be necessary to bring a flashlight. Also, we will be able to see the capybara, the largest rodent in the world that can weigh 60 kilos, return to the lodge, dinner and rest.

Day 3. After breakfast we will walk 3 km in the middle of the dense tropical jungle and we will go to Lake Sandoval (piranha habitat) one of the largest in the Tambopata National Reserve and we will ride a rowing boat where we will appreciate a great variety of birds and monkeys of different species, (shansho, cormorant, jacanas, heron puma, vultures, cotomono, friar monkey, black machin, pichicos and sloths). Perhaps we will have an encounter with the giant otter family (almost two meters long) that is in danger of extinction and the largest recorded alligators of more than 4 meters long, return to the Lodge to enjoy typical lunch.
At night we will have a walk where we will be able to appreciate the diversity of species of insects, amphibians, reptiles and other nocturnal animals. – dinner and rest

Day 4. 5.30 a.m. In the morning we will take a short walk along the Canopy walk-way, over 30 meters high, which will allow us to appreciate nature from the highest possible, we will also have a panoramic view of the Madre de Dios River.
From the platforms we will observe different species of birds, such as toucans, macaws, tanagers, orioles, it will be a wonderful experience.
Finally we will return them to the city of Puerto Maldonado.



Enjoy the National Reserve of Tambopata
Explore Macaws Collpa Chuncho
Visit Monkey Island
Hike to Sandoval Lake
Explore jungle with canopy, hiking, suspension bridge.



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