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We will meet at the established time at the entrance of the Church of the Nazarenas to begin this tour of the churches of Lima. The Peruvian capital is linked since its foundation to the Catholic religion, brought by the Spanish conquistadors and spread by the friars who dedicated their lives to convert the indigenous people to the Christian faith.

Did you know that Lima had two saints and that it is the seat of the Archdiocese of Peru? All these curiosities we will discover during the tour. We will start at the sanctuary and monastery of the Nazarenas, an imposing religious complex where the image of the Lord of Miracles is venerated.

We will continue to the sanctuary of Santa Rosa de Lima. In this monastery lived this saint from Lima who was born and died in this city between the XVI and XVII centuries. Then, we will visit the house where San Martin de Porres, another of Lima’s patron saints, lived.

We will continue walking until we reach the convent of Santo Domingo and we will see its impressive rococo bell tower. In this sanctuary rest the remains of the three most venerated saints of Peru: Santa Rosa de Lima, San Martin de Porres and San Juan Macias.

The next stop will be at the Plaza de Armas, where we will see the amazing cathedral of Lima, resting place of the famous conqueror and founder of Lima Francisco Pizarro. After this visit we will go to the convent of San Francisco, one of the most symbolic buildings in Lima.

Finally, we will continue walking to St. Peter’s Basilica, a 16th century building founded by the Society of Jesus that is considered a true architectural jewel. After four hours getting to know the religiosity of this monastic city, we will end the tour at this last point.



Paseo por la Plaza Mayor para ver la Catedral de Lima y el Palacio de Gobierno
Camina hasta la Iglesia de San Francisco, que alberga una red de catacumbas
Conoce el Centro Histórico de Lima y sus grandiosos edificios coloniales



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