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this trip is very cultural where the customer will find the flavors and aromasof Chilean food three differents museums very well defined so the tourguide will explain to the people the next hightlight point to stopfirst we visit the memorial human right museum where the people willexplore the revolution by military force with Pinochet .second we visit pre-colombian museum is really amazing one to know aboutformer people in chile with a big and nice focus besides the rest of indigenousof Southamerica third we wisit La chascona Pablo Neruda house museum where people wholove to read and literature is the right place in Santiago time to explore his lifeand his different way to live between us neruda got the novel award by literature and poetry in 1972 Besides this one the customer will go to very well know restaurant the idea is to enjoy during the day with this big mix basically at the end of the touryou will get a bit perception of chile and its history

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