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Embark on a transformative journey through Oaxaca’s lush landscapes with our all-inclusive forest walk experience. Begin at Monumento Benito Juárez, where a captivating mural recounts the life and challenges of this iconic Mexican figure.

Continue to El Punto Las Animas, a village renowned for its intricate wooden crafts. Witness the crafting process of traditional kitchen tools and savor a delightful regional hot chocolate paired with freshly baked bread from a traditional oven.
Led by your French, English, or Spanish-speaking guide and a local expert, venture into the heart of the forest for a guided walk. Absorb the tranquility, breathe in the crisp air, and connect with nature. Your journey is accompanied by a personal radio guide, ensuring you stay informed and engaged throughout.



Discover the life of Benito Juárez through a captivating mural.
Explore El Punto Las Animas and witness traditional wooden crafts being made.
Indulge in a hot chocolate session and forest walk.
Experience a transformative journey guided by knowledgeable professionals.



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