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Upon your arrival at the Pisco airport, our professional guide will provide you with detailed information about the aerial circuit that will be carried out in a Grand Caravan light aircraft that has capacity for 12 passengers plus 02 highly experienced pilots. Each passenger has a window seat using an audio intercom. The flight lasts 1 hour 45 minutes in the air.

Before boarding the plane, you will be able to watch a documentary video with information about the discoveries and history of the Nasca Lines. Our professional pilots will provide you with a map of the Nasca lines; as well as important instructions on the aerial circuit. Once in the air, you will be able to observe the Huacachina Oasis, the Ica Valley and the enormous desert until you reach the intangible areas of the Nasca and Palpa lines. Then, the pilot will make turns around each drawing to facilitate an excellent panoramic view, where you will be able to see giant drawings made so perfect in high relief, such as: the Condor, the monkey, the spider, the whale, the tree, the gannet. , the lizard, the dog, the hand or the toad, the astronaut, among many other drawings with geometric, anthropomorphic, zoomorphic representations and hundreds of lines that could be enormous landing strips that by chance of nature have been preserved for more 2000 years old in an area of more than 550km2. Then, upon return, you will be able to see sets of drawings on the hills in the palpa area that represent mythological beings. At the end of this interesting tour. Our friendly pilots will give you a certificate of having flown over these mysterious lines and drawings of Nasca and Palpa.

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