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Moray and Maras half day tour – Cusco, Peru

Moray is an archaeological located near Cusco, which is believed to have been used by the Incas to experiment with different climates and adapt different varieties of plants to different altitudes.


Half day itinerary to Moray and Maras Salt Mines:

8:45 am: Pick up in the main square of Cusco and transfer by vehicle to Chinchero.

9:00 am: Arrival in Chinchero and visit a textile store, where you can see how wool is colored with natural products and learn about the fabric production process.

10:00 am: Transfer to Moray.

11:00 am: Arrival in Moray and visit the Moray archaeological complex, where you can see the circular terraces of Inca agriculture, which were used to experiment with different climatic conditions and adapt different varieties of plants to different altitudes.

12:00 pm: Transfer to the Maras salt mines, located about 45 minutes from Moray.

1:00 pm: Arrival at the Maras salt mines and visit the mines, where you can see the salt extraction process and how workers have exploited this natural wealth for centuries.

2:00 pm: Return to the vehicle and transfer back to Cusco.

2:40 pm ends one block from the main square

If you already have the general or partial Sacred Valley tourist ticket, it is no longer necessary to pay the entrance fee to Moray.

Note: if booking for the same day, ask for availability beforehand



Explore the ancient mysteries of Moray’s agricultural terraces,
Admire the captivating natural beauty of the Maras Salt Mines,
Witness the stunning Andean landscapes that surround these extraordinary archaeo



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