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This is A two day Civil Rights Tour ” ON SACRED GROUNDS” of Selma, and Montgomery, Alabama. To walked in the path of the foot soldiers of the civil rights movement and in doing so, you will pay homage to those whose courage and sacrifice inspired future generation in America and around the globe. In Selma, Alabama, you will walk across the EDMUND PETTUS BRIDGE, the site of bloody Sunday. In Montgomery, Alabama, you will visit THE Legacy Museum, this Museum focus on the evolution of the enslaved people and The National Memorial For Peace And Justice, this memorial focus on the lynched of people during and after slavery. This is only a short list of your tour.
Day 1 will start with a driving tour of Montgomery historical sites and ” Retrace The 1965 Selma To Montgomery Voting Rights March”
Day 2 Visit to Birmingham civil rights institute and the 16th street Baptist church.
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Visit historical site in Lowndes County
Walk across The Edmund Pettus Bridge
Visit Birmingham civil rights institute and the 16th street Baptist church



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