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Begin the day by meeting your guide at your accommodation and heading to Monarch Butterfly Mexico Reserve. Witness one of nature’s most spectacular phenomena from November to March: the Monarch butterflies over-wintering in Mexico.

The Monarch butterfly migrates from Canada and northern US to the oyamel forests of Michoacan and the State of Mexico. Witness this unique natural spectacle, as tourists take advantage of the trip to Valle de Bravo to experience this sanctuary.

Our next spot is Valle de Bravo. Stroll in its historic center, and try authentic local food. The heart of this magical city, mostly built in the 16th century, has it all: historical buildings, cobbled streets, markets, and more. Visit the Joaquin Arcadio Pagasa Cultural Center, Independence Square, and more while enjoying artisanal ice cream.

After the tour and a day full of new experiences, return to our vehicle and relax on the way back to Mexico City.



Discover one of the sactuaries of the Unesco-listed Monarch Butterfly Biosphere.
Learn all about these unique insects from a local guide.
Visit Valle de Bravo and walk down its beautiful cobbled streets.
Stop at the Folk Art Museum and get to know about Mexico’s artistic heritage.



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