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Discover the vibrant daily life of Mexico City beyond the usual tourist spots and get to know the real life of the city, immerse yourself in the rich diversity of this metropolis, where hidden gems and local food will be share.

We’ll start by having a hot beverage accompanied with our favourite pastry while chatting and getting familiar with the group.

As we enter San Rafael we’ll taste some street food at one of our favourite stands in the neighborhood while learning about its history and architecture.

We’ll continue on to Santa Maria la Ribera to to see the main monument, and stop at a restaurant to try the most traditional dish from Oaxaca (A southeastern state considered to be the culinary capital of Mexico).

As we continue to explore and hopefully make more space in our stomach; we’ll try an ancestral drink called Pulque, one of the most traditional drinks in Mexico.

Before we say our goodbyes we will sit down for a refreshing michelada (alcoholic beverage), as we chat and share our recommendations for this sprawling metropolis!

*On Sundays, ask for the menu before you book, as we share food that can only be found on this day and there is not much flexibility in what is being offered.



Discover hidden gems: away from the tourist bubble.
Experience Pulque, a traditional Mexican Pre-Hispanic drink
Sample Street Food while learning about the neighborhood’s
Step out of the Tourist Bubble, get to know the real mexican daily life



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