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Discover Méridaand in a flexible and relaxing way with this sightseeing bus ticket. Enjoy 2 routes taking you to the city’s main avenues, its Cathedral, the historic center, its beautiful parks, and much more, with the ability to join and leave the bus as you wish.
Board one of the distinctive red double-decker buses to uncover the city’s Mayan and Colonial heritage. Absorb the atmosphere of a place where colonial residences and beautiful architecture rub up against the vibes and movement of a modern city.

Hit the top deck and take in the great views throughout your journey. Learn about the city’s ancient past, its traditions, and the ongoing Mayan influence on the present from your audio guide as you go.
Board the North Circuit to see sights like the Cathedral, Peon Contreras Theater, Santa Ana Park, G. Canton Palace, Flag Monument, Itzimna Church, Las Americas Park, and Plaza Paseo 60.

Alternatively, hop on board the Barrios Circuit to see the Cathedral, the San Juan neighborhood, Ermita, San Sebastian, the Merida Zoo, the Santiago neighborhood, Paseo Montejo Avenue, and the Flag Monument.



See more of the city of Mérida on a double-decker bus
Enjoy panoramic views of the city from the top deck
Discover Mérida’s monuments, parks, museums, and other essential sights
Learn all about local history and culture as you go wtih an audio guide
Make the most of your time exploring with a choice of 2 different routes



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