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Commence your journey from Mérida in the early morning towards the northern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, where the renowned tourist inn “Las Coloradas” awaits. A rare spectacle in Mexico, this destination boasts uniquely pink saltwater lagoons, providing a vibrant and picturesque backdrop. Accompanied by a local guide, unravel the secrets behind the phenomenon as you walk among the lagoons, capturing stunning photographs.

Following the memorable experience at Las Coloradas, head to Río Lagartos for a boat ride through its natural reserve. Considered a haven for peace and tranquility, the 20 km route through mangrove channels offers insights into various mangrove types. If conditions favor, witness the enchanting pink flamingos in their natural habitat, alongside other bird species, raccoons, and even crocodiles.

The boat ride continues to a beach where the sand transforms into white clay mud. Embrace the Mayan bath, create a natural mask, or exfoliate your skin in the most authentic way. Conclude this unique experience at a virgin beach, immersing yourself in the turquoise and crystalline waters.

Return to the port to relish fresh seafood typical of the Yucatecan coast before commencing the journey back to Mérida. By booking this tour, you contribute to the ecological reserve’s preservation, as part of the fee supports the care of this magnificent natural wonder.



Walk among the lagoons while you learn how they are formed
Visit Río Lagartos to enjoy a boat ride and tour this natural reserve
Enjoy the well-known Mayan bath and make a mask or exfoliate your skin



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