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Embark on an extraordinary sailing adventure aboard a seaworthy sailing catamaran, skillfully helmed by a seasoned skipper with global voyages under his belt.

Explore the captivating waters of Markermeer, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. Indulge in delightful refreshments and snacks while experiencing a hands-on sailing thrill on the stable and comfortable catamaran.

Weather permitting, drop anchor for a refreshing swim and explore a charming village, making every moment a perfect blend of nautical excitement and tranquil discovery.

Experience the enchantment of hoisting sails together on the historic waters of the former Zuiderzee, now known as Markermeer. Delve into the rich maritime legacy that once fueled Amsterdam’s prosperity. As you explore this sea, feel the echoes of history, creating a shared and unforgettable journey, seamlessly blending the beauty of sailing with the cultural tapestry of Amsterdam’s seafaring past.



Sail into the historic Markermeer, exploring Amsterdam’s nautical legacy.
Nature’s retreat: a day outside the city, immersed in serenity.
Sail with a worldtraveled captain: every voyage is a story, every wave a chapter



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