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The four-day Manu Jungle Tours begins with an early morning pick-up from Cusco and a drive through the South Sacred Valley to Paucartambo. Visitors explore pre-Incan funeral towers in Ninamarca and enjoy a traditional breakfast in Paucartambo. The journey continues to the Manu Cloud Forest, rich in orchids and native plants, followed by a hike to see the Andean cock of the rock. The day concludes at Bambu Lodge.

On the second day, the tour proceeds to Atalaya port for a boat ride to Soga De Oro Lodge on the Madre de Dios river. The day features a visit to Machuwasi lake with traditional balsa rafts and an exploration of the region’s medicinal plants. The day ends with a return to the lodge for dinner.

The third day starts with a boat ride to the Parrot Clay Lick to witness a variety of parrots and macaws. The tour continues with a jungle exploration, observing birds, monkeys, giant trees, and medicinal plants. A night safari offers a glimpse into the nocturnal life of the rainforest.

The final day includes a boat ride back to Atalaya port and a drive to Cusco. This marks the end of the Amazon adventure, providing time to reflect on the diverse experiences and wildlife encountered throughout the journey.



Visit pre-Incan funeral towers in Ninamarca.
Explore Manu Cloud Forest’s diverse flora.
Boat ride on Madre de Dios River.
Witness vibrant parrots at Clay Lick.
Night safari in the Amazon Rainforest.



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