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Along with your friendly local guide, embark on a walking food tour in which you’ll have breakfast and lunch! During this culinary experience, you will taste the most traditional local delicacies from a variety of small restaurants and local shops.

But on this tour, you won’t only eat well, but you’ll also visit one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Lima: Barranco. Taste 15 different local flavors from fruits, to drinks and dishes.

Meet with inspiring local artisans and small entrepreneurs, and learn about their stories while enjoying some of the best Peruvian dishes such as lomo saltado, ceviche, pisco sour, and many more.



Learn about the history and culture hidden behind the dishes you’ll be tasting
Enjoy an interactive workshop about fair trade and locally produced chocolate
Taste up to 15 different Peruvian flavors
Tour the artsy district of Barranco



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