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Are you looking for an interesting and nice experience in Lima? You just find it! On this tour we don’t save money on tickets or other, we want a see it all, the nicest, the top, and the best in this eight-hour tour!

9:00 am We start our tour with a panoramic view of the district of Miraflores with its main attractions such as Kennedy Park, Love Park with its beautiful gardens and adorable view of the Pacific Ocean, and the islands San Lorenzo and Fronton located close to the Port of Callao. We go on recognizing the ancient inhabitants of Lima by their archaeological sites spread around the city, driving next to the Huaca Pucllana, and visiting Huaca Huallamarca located in the middle of the fancy district of San Isidro, a place where we will stop to climb a truncated pyramid and take a special photo shoot.

10:00 am We go on north directly to Plaza Mayor de Lima, a place considered the kilometer zero during the Spanish colony, from this point departed missionary expeditions to evangelize South America. At this point, we start a walking route through streets, plazas, and houses of this period.

11:00 am Catacomb exploration at the Saint Francis Basilica, a construction built by the Portuguese Francisco de Vasconzuelos, who created a very strong anti-seismic technique.

Noon Enjoy part of the daily changing of the guard at the Perus government palace.

12:15 pm Visit the interior of Lima Cathedral, a place which inside is located in Francisco Pizarros Tumb, being the headquarters of the catholic church, where bishops bless the upcoming presidents in a special ceremony.

12:45 pm Visit the interior of la Casa de Aliaga, considered one of the oldest mansions in America, inhabited by the 16th descendant of Geronimo de Aliaga, the youngest conqueror and right hand of Francisco Pizarro. The house itself is a precious jewel considered a Cultural Patrimony of Humanity and a witness of the elegant style of the colonial period.

01:30 pm Drive to Pueblo Libre district, where the liberators of Peru of the Spanish conquest used to live in the early 19th century during the independence process. On our drive to the Larcco Museum, we will pass by the archaeological site of Huaca Mateo Salado, another example of the prehispanic occupation of this city.

02:00 pm Lunch time at Cafe del Museo, this place is surrounded by a special hacienda atmosphere which is part of the coleccionist family history. The cart was designed by the world-renowned Peruvian Chef Gaston Acurio, presenting the most representative dishes, exotic fusions, and flavors that show why Pery has been recognized as the world’s best culinary destination for more than a decade.

03:30 pm Time to explore the Larco Museum and travel back in history with one of the very best world museography disposures, showing the cultural development of Peru from before Caral (3000 b.C) until the 16th century with the Spanish arrival to this land.

05:00 pm Drop off back to the hotel.



Immerse the royal elegance of the spanish conquerors at La Casa de Aliaga.
Marvel with the world-known prehispanic collection at Museo Larco!
Experience the feeling of these religious at Saint Francis Basilica & catacombs
Enjoy the magic of peruvian flavors in its cuisine at Café del Museo.
Step up a truncated ancient pyramid at Huaca Huallamarca.



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