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The meeting point is at “Terrua” coffee shop; the baristas are going to share with us their great passion for Peruvian coffee, this small taste is recommended for everybody.

After coffee, there is a 15 minutes walk. The first stop is going to be in a small local restaurant to try “Chicharrones”, delicious traditional pork sandwich.

Then is time for something sweet. Our friends from “Lucas”, a small local bakery, are in charge of making us try some deserts.

Next stop is the local market to see some local products and try some different fruits

The most popular Peruvian dish is included on this adventure! at “Maraparte” ceviche bar will prepare us a delicious ceviche, made of marinated fish in lemon juice accompanied by onion, corn, chili, etc. Here you can also try Chilcano, a long drink made with Pisco.

On the way back to Terrua there is one last stop for churros in Manolo´s.



Walk around a local market to see and try some products
Visit some non-tourist restaurants, places that only a local friend will take you to try some food
Walk around Miraflores and learn about its flavorsome history



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