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This tour will provide you with a comprehensive historical oversight of the city, while hitting up all the “must-see sites.”

Drive along Lima’s first freeway, built during 1960s and 1970s to arrive to downtown Lima, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you will be able to appreciate the impressive monuments and imposing architecture from the colonial times.

You will visit 16th century Convent of Santo Domingo, one of the best preserved monasteries in whole of Lima, where you will be able to see the old Lima from its tower. On the way to the Larco Musuem, pass by a pre-Hispanic site built in the middle of the modern area. Your visit then continues to the Larco Museum, featuring the finest gold and silver collection from Ancient Peru and the famous “erotic” archaeological collection.

Finally, try a lucuma mousse. Lucuma is an endemic fruit in the Andes.



Walk the historic downtown of Lima, observing its architecture, monuments, and more
Visit the Larco Museum, housing the best private pre-Colombian art collection in Peru
Climb the tower at the Convent of Santo Domingo for a view over the city
Try a lucuma mousse, lucuma is an endemic fruit in the Andes



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