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Our unique experience will immerse you in the captivating world of Peruvian gastronomy, guided by an expert chef.

At our meeting point, you will be greeted by the irresistible aromas of Peruvian cuisine, ready to lead you on an unparalleled culinary journey. In this experience, you will not only learn to cook but also immerse yourself in the very essence of Peruvian culinary culture.

You`ll start by preparing the renowned Peruvian tiradito, an explosion of flavors that will delight your palate. This dish, representing the coast, consists of fresh raw fish, sliced sashimi-style, and marinated with spicy and tangy sauces.

Our professional chef will share the history of Peruvian gastronomy, as well as secrets and intriguing facts that will keep us engaged throughout the class.

Conquer Lima`s cuisine by making your own causa limeña, an iconic dish filled with tradition and flavor. This delicious dish is made from yellow potatoes, aji, and lemon, which can be filled with various types of fish, seafood, or chicken.

The experience doesn`t stop there. Discover the art of making handcrafted pasta with an Andean twist, a skill that will connect you with Peru`s culinary richness and the Italian immigration heritage. Our professional chef will guide you step by step.

Furthermore, dive into the world of Peruvian wine with an exciting introduction to natural wine and its captivating history. Experience the art of pairing with three local varieties that will perfectly complement your culinary creations.

To conclude the class, we can`t go without enjoying an exquisite dessert, which will be served by the restaurant as a courtesy. It will be a delightful surprise.

We hope you have enjoyed this cooking class with us.



Enjoy a cooking class of Peruvian food with a gourmet flair.
Learn about the local gastronomy and winery from a professional chef.
Taste Peruvian wines specially selected for you.
Spend an amazing time cooking with a small group.
Taste a delicious dessert, a courtesy of the restaurant.



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