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Join us on this immersive adventure to uncover the essence of Lima, and create lasting memories of this incredible city.

Experience Lima’s vibrant history and modern charm with our captivating City Tour. From the ancient Pucllana Pyramid to the historic heart of Lima, where centuries of culture come to life amid architectural wonders, this tour is a journey through time
(9am to 1pm OR 2pm to 6pm)

Pick up at the hotel : we will enjoy a tour getting to know Lima in its three stages: Ancestral, Colonial and Modern Lima.

• We will begin the tour with a panoramic view of the “Pucllana Pyramid”, an ancient Ceremonial and archaeological Center built in the 4th century AD. and considered a Sacred Town of the Incas.

• Then we will go to the Historic Center of Lima. Where we will appreciate what the old Lima Square was and we will appreciate more than fifty monuments, and colonial buildings within which the Paseo de la Republica, the Plaza San Martin, the Plaza Mayor, the Government Palace, the Municipal Palace, the Palace stand out. Archbishop, The Cathedral Basilica, among others.

• Continuing the tour we will visit the Museum of the Central Reserve Bank where we will appreciate the Collection of Treasures of Peru within which we will find ceramic, gold and textile objects from various pre-Columbian cultures.

• We will also find the Monumental Complex of San Francisco, which constitutes the largest example of colonial religious art in America. Where its main attraction is the visit to its underground crypts known as The Catacombs.

• Finally we will go to the Contemporary Zone of Lima where we will appreciate the main buildings and residential areas of Lima, El Olivar de San Isidro, Miraflores, Larcomar and the Parque del Amor

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Panoramic view of the ancient Pucllana Pyramid
Explore Lima’s historic center and colonial landmarks
Visit the Central Reserve Bank Museum’s treasures
Tour the San Francisco Complex and its catacombs
Discover Lima’s modern side, from El Olivar to Larcomar



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