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On this adventure, you’ll be able to ride a bike for at least 10 miles (16km) which guarantees a very interesting and healthy experience. Nothing more relaxing than riding a bike around the colorful district of Miraflores and Barranco. Your professional tour guide will not only assist you during the tour, but will also tell you the story of each attraction you pass by.

1. We start the adventure in Miraflores from a very nice street to “Parque Kennedy”, a very popular area visited by both, locals and foreigners.

2. After that, we will take you to one of the main avenues (safe to ride) to go towards Miraflores coast and get to the nice and romantic “Parque del amor”

3. Then, we ride throughout the bay until getting to Barranco, the bohemian and arts district. Where we’ll visit the mythical “Puente de los Suspiros” and see the beautiful art murals in the streets of this district. We’ll have the chance to do many stops to take a break and buying water, so that you can spend a very enjoyable day along your local tour guide, while learning a lot about the popular and historical culture of our country.

4. Finally, you will get to see a beautiful small park full of huge trees and unique monuments. Surrounded by the Cathedral, City Hall, and the old fashion Library.

At the end of the tour we return to the initial meeting point.



Enjoy the natural beauty of the Lima coast along the Miraflores and Barranco
Visit beautiful parks and plazas
Discover the vibrant art scene of Barranco
Ride a bike for at least 10 miles (16km)
Enjoy stunning views of the Pacific Ocean



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