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Breakfast at a 16th century hacienda where you can see genuine from that era , we will visit a wonder of nature Las Coloradas in Yucatan a set of lagoons whose high concentration of salt and algae gives them colors that range from yellow to pink!

A considerable ecophilic tourist current has developed in the area lately, due to the great biodiversity that can be found there. Its virgin beaches, fauna and flora (sea birds and abundant mangroves), are the main attractions. The concentration of salt and microorganisms make the sea of La Colorada tinged with a peculiar tone that has made hundreds of tourists travel to this point to witness such a spectacle. The proximity to Río Lagartos, the 80 km long estuary that runs parallel to the peninsular coast, today declared a Natural Biosphere Reserve, contributes to the recognition of the place and to increasing the tourist current that benefits it.



Las Coloradas Pink Laggon
Flamingos sightseeing
Great diversity of birds



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