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King Penguin Park is a park that promotes the protection and conservation of the King penguin, as well as the richness of vegetation, fauna and archaeological sites of Bahía Inútil.You and your companion will enjoy a tour full of nature, flora and regional fauna, where a guide will accompany you throughout the tour and guide you on this wonderful adventure.It is a long road by vehicle to get to the King Penguin Park, since we must cross Isla Tierra del Fuego by land, but we will be able to enjoy the landscapes that beautiful Patagonia offers us.Join us and enjoy this wonderful tour with us.1.- ITINERARY AND STOPS MAY BE MODIFIED DEPENDING ON THE PARK RESERVATION TIME.3.-THE PICK UP TIME MAY VARY ACCORDING TO THE RESERVATION TIME IN THE PARK.4.- THIS TOUR IS NOT COMPATIBLE IF YOU HAVE A FLIGHT OR BUS SCHEDULED FOR THE SAME DAY OR IN THE EARLY EARLY DAY.5.- IT IS RECOMMENDED TO BRING BINOCULARS OR A CAMERA WITH ZOOM

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