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In the morning after breakfast, in the hotel explore Bantey Srei, The Gem of Yajnavaraha. By the 10 century, Khmer architects had made so much progress that they were ready to review their past and indulge in deliberate, sophisticated archaism this temple is often called the jewel of Khmer art.Bantey Srei walls made with unusual pinks color sandstones are densely covered with some of the beautiful deep and instigate carving give it a fairyland ambiance.After visit side of the temple we will continue to Kbal Spean,It’s a 42 km trip north of Siem Reap. 30 minutes uphill trail though the tropical forest you will discover Carved on the stones of Kbal Spean river bed, the deities emerge from the water, symbolizing the liquid primordial chaos that incorporates all form of life.It is an enchanting spot and a walk in the jungle Reveals little by little, once eyes have grown accustomed to the surrounding, the vestiges of a faith…

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