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Enjoy Cozumel’s natural beauty in this tour where you’ll get to drive your very own buggy around the island. Go to the less touristy beaches and get to know the locals’ favorite spots. You’ll take some amazing photos and soak in the ocean. This tour also includes a pass to Playa Uvas Beach Club. Here our friendly will serve you a delicious lunch. You’ll have access to all of the club’s amenities, plus you can choose to go on a guided snorkel tour and see some amazing corals and more marine wildlife.

We bring the fun to our tour from the very first moment. Start this experience by going on a tequila tasting tour! Learn about its elaboration process and sip some delicious tequila. Then hop on your buggy and head to what the locals call “the other side of the island” There aren’t any mayor constructions on this part of Cozumel, so it’s just you and the sea. We’ll start by going to Chen Rio beach and keep going to discover more amazing places.

We’ll move on to another beautiful stop by the beach called El Mirador, a favorite with the locals. Here in this island lookout take beautiful photos of your journey so you can cherish this moment forever. Get in your buggy again to drive to our final stop, Playa Uvas Beach Club.

Have fun and relax for the rest of your day in Playa Uvas Beach Club. This is a smaller beach club so you’ll avoid large crowds. Enjoy a delicious Mexican lunch, and choose what to do next. You can go on a guided snorkel tour, a kayak tour, hang by the beach or swim in the pool, all included in your tour!

When our time together ends, we’ll take you back to your meeting point using our personal transportation.



Visit the beautiful and less crowded beaches of Cozumel.
Drive around your very own buggy.
Savor delicious and authentic Mexican tequila
Snorkel in the world’s second largest coral reef
Relax in the exclusive beach club Playa Uvas



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