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Iquitos: excursion in the amazon 2 Days – Loreto, Peru

Enjoy a unique experience in the Amazon, discover different jungle species, and a stay in a quiet and pleasant environment.


Day 1:
We will leave Iquitos at 9:00 am, and head towards the Amazon, the most popular river in the world for its great length and flow.

We will embark on a boat to explore the rainforest and if we are lucky we may spot some of the pink dolphins that inhabit the jungle.

Our adventure continues at the lizard farm, where we will observe paiches. Around 13:30 hours, we will move to the shore of the Amazon River where we will stay in a house made of local materials, where we will have time to rest and enjoy a complete comforting menu.

We will leave again at 15:00 hrs to visit the Yagua Indians, a people with an economy based on fishing and agriculture, we will return to the lodge at 17:00 hrs to rest and have dinner. We will take a night walk and listen attentively to the songs of the birds and insects.

Day 2:

We will leave the lodge very early in the morning to enjoy the beautiful sunrise and contemplate the colours in the jungle as the sun rises, images that will always be in your head!

We will enjoy the morning watching birds of all the colours of the Peruvian jungle. .

Afterwards we will go to the serpentarium, which houses different animals that have been rescued, where we will refresh ourselves with delicious drinks made from medicinal plants and tree bark.

We will return to the lodge at 12:30 to rest before lunch. At 14:30 we will embark again on a boat that will take us back to Iquitos, arrival time is approximately 16:30 hrs.



Enter the immense jungle that surrounds the Amazon River.
Enjoy a unique experience travelling through Amazonia
Enjoy a nocturnal excursion through nature.



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