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Iconic Food Tour: Local Street Food, Drinks & Sites – Nantou County, Taiwan

Navigate alleys in a district associated with shopping malls and Taipei 101. Excite your taste buds with classic Taiwanese flavors created from award winning chefs to local mom and pop restaurants.


The tour begins at a bustling traditional market; from seasonal fruits to Taiwanese favorite style of QQ mochi, you’ll taste the best the market has to offer. We then wind through back alleys in search of local favorites; from refreshing cold sesame noodles and pork belly stuffed Taiwanese burgers – and onto the more adventurous stinky tofu and betel nut!

Witness modern Taiwanese day to day life, then fly-by Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall for a taste of Taiwan’s past – all topped off with old-school Taiwanese icy treat caps. Sound enticing?

Explore Xinyi district’s lengthiest and busiest wet market, where locals visit on a daily basis for the freshest ingredients.
Savor the best Taiwanese burger (?? – gua bao) the city has to offer. Taste for yourself why her gua bao has won multiple awards!
Learn and sample stinky tofu fermented the old fashioned way at a unique stinky tofu specialty restaurant.
Taste the creations of one of Taiwan’s famous beverages – boba – Taiwan’s favorite, chewiest way to consume tea.
Walk through SYS Memorial Hall, enjoy views of the memorial that was completed in 1972 and an excellent Taipei 101 photo-op.



Explore Xinyi district’s busiest wet market, where locals visit daily
Savor Taiwanese burger that has won multiple awards
Sample stinky tofu fermented the old fashioned way at a unique stinky house



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