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On this tour we will travel the southern highway from Puerto Rio Tranquil to the south, we will pass through one of the drainages of the northern ice field, we will border the General Carrera Lake to its mouth where the Baker River is born, the tour continues from there bordering the river passing by Cochrane. We see landscapes from dense forest to Patagonian steppe.We will do an 8-hour trek where you will walk on a glacier and a beautiful ancient lenga forest, you will have the opportunity to explore different formations in the ice, on the trail we have impressive views of Mount San Lorenzo, the Torres Mellizas and Lake Proglaciar. You will be in a pristine environment of Chilean Patagonia, this is not a massive place, it is a place with little intervention that few know about, you will do an outdoor mountain activity, you will learn the basic use of mountain equipment.

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