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We will begin our tour with the collection of our guests from your hotel in Ica or bus station by a representative of the JatPeru agency, and board our private vehicle. And our first visit will be the Plaza de Armas of Ica, which shows a beautiful scenery of its main square with a huge obelisk in the center and its municipal palace in front of it are other colonial buildings, we will pass through some traditional streets, cathedral, temple of the lord of Luren. We will continue with our visit to the village of Cachiche where it housed hundreds of sorcerers who practiced the “sweeter” much from the ages of the colony, which is why it is visited by people of different social and economic conditions, not only because of the omens that can be received in the place, but also to heal themselves of strange evils.

To the astonishment of tourists, in this small village there is a 7-headed palm tree, which despite its more than 300 years of age resists the weather. Around you are houses made of huarango woods and quinchas, which resist time challenging the laws of gravity and which continue to be inhabited by the locals; We will then visit one of the most visited artisan wineries in the Ica Valley. Where we will learn about the production of wine and Pisco, they will also have the opportunity to taste the various piscos and wines produced by the winery. Finally, we will visit the famous Huacachina oasis, known as the Oasis of America, An incredible Oasis that survives in the midst of an inhospitable desert. This oasis is surrounded by old palm trees, giant sand dunes, hotels and tourist restaurants. our visit will be to witness the tranquility offered by the place and walk around or surf the oasis using small boats to row,



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