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Imagine immersing yourself in the soothing, turquoise waters of a hidden hot spring, nestled deep in the forested mountains near Mexico City. Envision the serene beauty of nature enveloping you as you relax and rejuvenate in this tranquil paradise.

Your unforgettable adventure begins with a convenient pickup from your Airbnb. After a quick, energizing breakfast, we embark on a scenic road trip. Each turn in the road reveals breathtaking views, leading us closer to our enchanting destination.

Upon arrival, descend through lush, green landscapes, serenaded by the sounds of rivers, waterfalls, and birds. The hot springs and underground caves await, promising a day of exploration and relaxation in nature’s embrace.

Here, you can swim in the clear, turquoise waters, explore mysterious caverns, or, for the more adventurous, soar on a zipline. Each activity offers a unique way to experience this natural wonder.

As the day winds down, we’ll journey back to the city, leaving you with memories of an extraordinary day spent in one of nature’s hidden gems.

P.S. Secure your spot on this magical tour with just a $15 USD reservation fee. The total experience cost is $119 USD per person, with the remaining $104 USD payable on the day of the tour, either in cash or by card.
P.S.2 First-time visitors, be sure to inquire about our special discounts – we love to make your first experience with us extra special!
P.S.3 Content creators, ask about our special rates!



Scenic Road Trip with Breathtaking Mountain Views
Max 10 guests per group, so will feel personalized and private.
Exploration of Mysterious Underground Caves and Caverns



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